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Army English Question Answer 2021 – 22

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1. Bihu is the traditional dance of … state.

(a)   Bihar
(b)   Assam
(c)   Punjab
(d)   None of these

Answer:-  B

2. India liberated Goa from the Portugese in

(a)   1947
(b)   1965
(c)   1961
(d)   1960

Answer:- C

3.National Botanical Garden is situated in which city?

(a)   Lucknow
(b)   Rewa
(c)   Jaipur
(d)   None of these

Answer:- D

4.What is NIHI

(a)   Cough
(b)   Bird Flu
(c)   Swine Flu
(d)   None of these

Answer:-  C

5.Cow milk is a rich source of

(a)   Vitamin A
(b)   Vitamin B
(c)   Vitamin C
(d)   Vitamin D

Answer:- A

6.Typhoid is a disease of –

(a)   Liver
(b)   Lungs
(c)   Stomach
(d)   Intestine

Answer:- D

7. The tooth with three roots is

(a)   Molar
(b)   Pre molar
(c)   Incisor
(d)   Canine

Answer:- A

8.’ Short sightedness is due to

(a)   shifting of the iris
(b)   weaker muscles
(c)   elongation of eye balls .
(d)   weakening of the retina

Answer:- D

9.Peter moves 20m in the east direction and then turns to his left and moves 15m and then he turns to his right and moves 25m. After this he turns to the right and moves 15m. How far is he from his starting point ?

(a)   45m
(b)   50m
(c)   25m
(d)   40m

Answer:- A

Indian Army Clerk Previous year Papers 2021

10. Find out the missing term in the following series. 1,1,2,6,24, ?, 720

(a)   100
(b)   104
(c)   108
(d)   120

Answer:- C

11. a, b, c are in geometrical series, then log a, log b, log c will be in:

(a)   Arithmetic
(b)   Geometric
(c)   Harmonic
(d)   None of these

Answer:- A

12.Find the surface area of a sphere of radius 4.2 cm:

(a)   310 cm2
(b)   221 cm2
(c)   300 cm2
(d)   None of these

Answer:- D

13. The radius of a circular garden is 28m. Find the perimeter of the garden:

(a)   186 m2
(b)   176 m2
(c)   196 m2
(d)   168 m2

Answer:- B

14.Find the value of 181 :

(a)   3
(b)   9
(c)   9.9
(d)   None of these

Answer:- B

15.A man bought 20 dozen eggs for Rs. 720. What should be the selling price of each egg if he wants to make a profit of 20%?

(a)   Rs. 3.25
(b)   Rs. 3.30
(c)   Rs. 3.50
(d)   Rs. 3.60

Answer:- D

16. The sum of the 40 terms of an AP whose first term is 2 and common difference is 4 will be ?

(a)   1600
(b)   2800
(c)   3200
(d)   None of these

Answer:- C

17.A wire of length 2 mtr is bent to form a čircle, a triangle, a rectangle and ; polygon. State which figure possesses greatest area?

(a)   Circle
(b)   Polygon
(c)   Triangle
(d)   Rectangle

Answer:- C

18. The maximum number of points of intersection of 8 circles is ?

(a)   28
(b)   56
(c)   40
(d)   24

Answer:- B

19. Which term of series 4, 2, 1……….will be 1/128 ?

(a)   15
(b)   20
(c)   10
(d)   None of these

Answer:- C

20. The sides of a triangle ABC are 3cm, 4cm and 5 cm its area will be….?

(a)   15 cm2
(b)   8 cm2
(c)   12cm2
(d)   6 cm2

Answer:- D

21. Which of the following is not a charactor of the computer ?

(a)   Speed
(b)   Inteligence
(c)   Accuracy
(d)   Memory

Answer:- B

22.Which of the follwing is not the name of a computer –

(a)   EDSAC
(b)   UNIVAC
(c)   Mark 1
(d)   IBM

Answer:- D

23.Computer is not classified on the basis of size into –

(a)   Micro
(b)   Mini
(C)   Super
(d)   Optical

Answer:- D

24. Which is the generation of Computer ICL-2900?

(a)    First
(b)   Second
(c)   Third
(d)   Fourth

Answer:- C

25.Machine Language is a language of which generation

(a)   First
(b)   Second
(c)   Third
(d)   Fourth

Answer:- A

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