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Army english paper 2021

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Choose the correct answer:

1. Lothal is a historical site of:

(a)  Rigvedic age
(b) Iron age
(C)  Indus Valley age
(d)  Gupta age

Answer :-C

2. What is the expansion of I.A.E.C. ?

(a)  International Atomic Energy Commission
(b)  Indian Atomic Energy Commission
(c)  Indian Aviation Engineering Council
(d)  None of the above

Answer :- B

3. Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium is located at

(a)  Delhi
(b)  Lucknow
(C)  Jaipur
(d)  Jodhpur

Answer :- A

4. Which of the following is commonly used as moderator in nucleareactors?

(a)  Normal Water
(b)  Super Heated Water
(c)  Light Water
(d)  Heavy Water

Answer :- B

5. Chief Justice of India is appointed by ?

(a)  Prime Minister
(b)  President
(c)  Speaker of Lok Sabha
(d)  Chief Ministers of States

Answer :- B

6. Indian Super League is an initiative to promote the game of ……….. in India.

(a)  Hockey
(b)  Cricket
(c)  Kabaddi
(d)  Football

Answer :- D

7.Chemical formula of ozone is………

(a)  O2
(b)  O2-
(c)  O3
(d)  O4-

Answer :- C

8. Which of the following is an acid?

(a)  NaCl
(b)  КОН
(c)  H,SO
(d)  NAOH

Answer :- C

9. Find the similar relation from the options with the given following question.

Doctor : Hospital :: ?

(a)  Plumber: Wrench
(b)  Chef: Kitchen
(c)  Water: Reservoir
(d)  Farmer: Villag

Answer :- B

Indian Army  Question Papers English 2021

10. If CONSCIOUSLY is written as PEBNPJEXNKM, then SOIL is written as ?

(a)  NEK
(b)  NEJK
(d)  ENJK

Answer :- B

11. A pathway 2 metres wide runs outside a rectangular lawn. The lawn is 24metres long and 16 metres broad. What is the area of the path ?

(a)  75 sq.m.
(b)  144 sq.m.
(C)  84 sq.m.
(d)  176 sq.m.

Answer :- D

12. If A and B can do a certain work in 6 days and B also can do it in 15 days,how many days will a take to do the work alone?

(a)  10 days
(b)  8 days
(c)  9 days
(d)  12 days

Answer :- A

14. A man goes 150 metter due East and then 200 metre North. At what shortest distance he is from the starting point?

(a)  220 metres
(b)  250 metres
(c)  225 metres
(d)  350 metres

Answer :- B

15. IfA, B, C are any three sets, the A-(BU C) =

(a)  (A-B) (B-C)
(b)  (A-B) U (B-C)
(c)  (A-B) (A-C)
(d)  None of these

Answer :- C

16. How many prime numbers are there between 0 and 20 ?

(a)   8
(b)   7
(c)   9
(d)   6

Answer :- A

17. Sum of two numbers is 44. If one number is three times the other number, then the numbers are :

(a)   13,31
(b)   6,38
(c)   04,40
(d)   11,33

Answer :- D

18. Find the value of (y,x) if 2y – 4x = 24 and y + 3x = 7 :

(a)   (-1, 10)
(b)   (1,10)
(c)   (10,1)
(d)   (10,-1)

Answer :- D

19. How many numbers are there between 200 and 300 which are divisibleby 13?

(a)   10
(b)   9
(c)   8
(d)   11

Answer :- C

20. A principal amount at 5% yearly interest rate after 3 years earned 1200 assimple interest, should the rate of interest and duration remain the same how much will the compound interest be on the principal

(a)  ₹ 1215
(b)  ₹ 1245
(c)  ₹ 1261
(d)  ₹ 1272

Answer :- C

21. The unit for measurement of computer memory is

(a)   Meter
(b)   Gram
(c)   byte
(d)   Second

Answer :- C

22. The feed given to a computer is known as

(a)   Data
(b)   Word
(c)   Information
(d)   Output

Answer :- A

23. MS-DOS is an Example of:

(a)   Windows
(b)   OS
(c)   OS X
(d)   System Card

Answer :- B

24. MS-DOS is a operating system for

(a)  super computers
(b)  mini computers
(c)  mainframe systems
(d)  parallel computers

Answer :- B

25. An acronym for ‘DOS’ is –

(a)  disk operating system
(b)  disk optimizing software
(c)  disk operational software
(d)  disk optically

Answer :- A

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