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Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:-

The aim of education is to draw out all the faculties of the boy on every side at his nature to develop in him every intellectual and moral power and to strengthen
is, how him physically, mentally and spiritually fit that he may turn out at the end of his college career a useful, patriotic, pious gentleman who respects himself and re-
spects those around him. When a boy goes out of his college, He should be full of life full of vigour, full of energy, and full of delight in his young life to take up the
burden of the work of the world.

1. What is the aim of education?

(a)   mental development
(b)   moral development
(c)   intellectual development.
(d)   all these.

Answer:-  D

2. What is expected from an educated man?

(a)   to respect himself and others
(b)   to earn for himself.
(c)   to become a leader
(d)   to get a high job.

Answer:- A

3. What is expected from a student when he leaves the college?

(a)   To be the earning source of family.
(b)   to take the burden of himself
(c)   to take the burden of the world.
(d)   to take an easy job.

Answer:- C

Choose correct form of given verb to fill in each blank:

4. I shall tell him when he. .back.

(a)   come
(b)   came
(c)   comes
(d)   shall come

Answer:- C

5. We……….. tennis before the rain started.

(a)   play
(b)   played
(c)   were playing
(d)   had played

Answer:- D

Choose the correct indirect speech of the sentence from the choice give

6. The teacher said, “The earth moves round the sun.

(a)   The teacher told that the earth moved round the sun.
(b)   The teacher said that the earth moves round the sun.
(c)   The teacher explained that the earth is moving round the sun.

Answer:- B

Choose the correct passive voice of the sentence from the choice given below:

7. Keep to the left.

(a)   Let the left be keep.
(b)   One should keep to the left.
(c)   You are advised to keep to the left.
(d)   Left should be kept.

Answer:- C

Choose the correct comparative of the adjective without changing its sense from the choice given below:

8. He is the most honest person.

(a)   He is more honest than many other persons.
(b)   He is more honest than any other person.
(c)   No other person is as honest as he is.
(d)   He is not less honest than other.

Answer:- B

indian army gd /clack English question PAPER 2021

Choose correct preposition for each blank:

9. He was charged…………..theft by the police officer.

(a)   with
(b)   of
(c)   to
(d)   in

Answer:- A

10. He resembles……..his father in facial appearance.

(a)   with
(b)   to
(c)   by
(d)   on preposition

Answer:- S

11. He belonged ….a noble family.

(a)   form
(b)   by
(c)   on
(d)   to

Answer:- D

Choose the correct word to fill in the blank:

12. I got reservation for a ………….in A.P. express.

(a)   birth
(b)   berth

Answer:- B

13. He told his story with a…………heart.

(a)   sour
(b)   sore

Answer:- B

Choose the wrongly spelt word:

(a)   Separate
(b)   programme.
(c)   fulfil
(d)   awefil

Answer:- A

Choose the opposite word:

15. Blessing

(a)   thanks
(b)   good wishes
(c)   encourage
(d)   curse

Answer:- D

16. Export.

(a)   to sell
(b)   import
(c)   to mortgage
(d)   to send to other countries

Answer:- B

17. Lead

(a)   go ahead
(b)   command
(c)   follow
(d)   order

Answer:- C

18. Exhaustive

(a)   complete
(b)   tired
(c)   weary
(d)   comprehensive

Answer:- D

19. Neat

(a)   pure
(b)   perfect
(b)   tidy
(d)   healthy

Answer:- C

20. Triumph

(a)   defeat
(b)   set back
(c)   loss
(d)   victory

Answer:- D

21. Peril

(a)   peace
(b)   pleasure
(b)   danger
(d)   loss

Answer:- C

22. He always (a)/ tell /LO) the truth (c). No error (d).

Answer:- B

Choose the wrong portion in each of the following sentences :

23. The cow as well (a)/ as the horse (b)/ were stolen &)/. No error (d).

Answer:- C

24. He is really (a)/senior than meto) / in experience (c)/. No error (d).

Answer:- B

25. Deers are fo/grazing in (b) the fields (c). No error (d).

Answer:- A

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