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Army clerk English Practice set 2022

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Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

Men who are always grumbling about their poverty, complaining of the difficulties, whining over their troubles and thinking that their lot in this world as meanwill never get any happiness out of life or achieve any success. Howevermean our life may be, if we face it bravely and honestly and try to make the best of
SO Marks it, we shall find that after all it is not so bad as we thought; and we may have ourum: times of happiness and the joys of success. There is nothing common or unclean,until we make it so by the wrong attitude we adopt towards it.the work!

army english objective question paper 2021

1. The poor people are complaining of

(a)  their achievements
(b)  their success
(c)  their difficulties.
(d)  their poverty.

Answer :- D

2.We can achieve the success in life

(a)  by happiness
(b)  facing it bravely
(C)  thinking of our troubles.
(d)  hard work

Answer :- B

3.How do we make life common?

(a)  Complaining of trouble
(b)  facing life bravely
(c)  by wrong attitude of life
(d)  facing it honestly.

Answer :- C

4.What type of men cannot achieve success in life?

(a)  Thinking that their fate is mean and poor.
(b)  Men who face life bravely.
(c)  Men who have wrong attitude.
(d)  Brave men

Answer :- A

Choose correct form of verb to fill in each blank :

5.Did he……… about it?

(a)  tell
(b)  tells
(c)  told
(d)  telling

Answer :- A

6.We. bath in the canal in our school days but now we cannot get time

(a)  taking
(b) used to take
(c)  taken
(d)  took

Answer :- B

Choose correct preposition for each blank :

7. I gave him congratulation……..his success.

(a)  for
(b)  on
(c)  to
(d)  about

Answer :- B

8. Hard work is the key………success.

(a)  into
(b)  for
(c)  from
(d)  to

Answer :- D

9. The snake crawls……..its hole.

(a)  to
(b)  towards
(C)  in
(d)  into

Answer :- D

army english/computer question paper with answer 2021

10. He killed two birds…… one stone.

(a)  with
(b)  from
(c)  by
(d)  of

Answer :- A

11. She applied ….. the principal for leave.

(a)  for
(b)  to
(c)  by
(d)  from

Answer :- B

Choose the correct indirect speech from the choice given :

12. Indu said to me, “Are you going to Delhi today?

(a)  Indu told me if I was going to Delhi that day.
(b)  Indu asked me if I was going to Delhi today.
(c)  Indu asked me if I was going to Delhi that day.

Answer :- C

Choose the correct active voice from the choice given

13. Let your country be served.

(a)  Serve your country.
(b)  Do service your country.
(c)  Service should done to your country.
(d)  Let your country be served.

Answer :- A

Choose the correct word to make the sentence most meaningful :

14. There is a .cub in our circus.

(a)  mail
(b)  male

Answer :- B

indian army gd question paper 2021

15. He is. ……..for the election.

(a)  canvassing
(b)  canvasing

Answer :- A

Choose the wrongly spelt word:

16. (a) quiet
(b)  quit
(c)  quite
(d)  giult

Answer :- D

17.  (a) deliver

(b)  declare
(c)  received
(d)  dicieve

Answer :- D

Choose the opposite of :

18. Doubtful

(a)  undoubted
(b)  uncertain
(c)  sure
(d)  doubtless

Answer :- C

19. Insufficient

(a)  less
(b)  loss
(c)  more
(d)  adepuate

Answer :- D

20. Slovenly

(a)  neat
(b)  proper
(c)  decent
(d)  correct

Answer :- A

indian army clerk english exam 2021

Choose the synonyms of

21. Capacity

(a)  ability
(b)  physical power
(c)  energy
(d)  power to achieve

Answer :- D

22. Redeem

(a)  recover
(b)  raise
(c)  extend
(d)  fulfil

Answer :- A

Choose the wrong portion if any in each of the following sentences.

23. One of my brother (a) told me about (b)/ the sad news of your uncle (c). No error (d).

Answer :- A

24. The Minister along with his party (a)/colleagues have been given a (b) / warmreception at the function (c)/. No error (d).

Answer :- B

25. His father told me that though his son had (a) / worked very hard (b) / but he had failed in the examination (c)/. No error (d).

Answer :- C

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